GSoC 2017 – Distributed Configuration Management for Apache OODT

This post is regarding my GSoC 2017 project, Reworking OODT configuration management to make use of Apache Zookeeper. An introduction to my project, how I came up with a design and the implementation along with the problems faced are described here. Also the future developments/improvements possible are described at the end of this post as well.


Simple HTTP proxy service with UltraESB-X

I recently tried out the AdroitLogic UltraStudio which is currently an alpha release. UltraStudio is AdroitLogic’s latest product which was released in January 2017. Their previous ESB, known in the name UltraESB was there for around 6 years offering a high level of performance and higher reliability while being a lightweight ESB. While preserving those renowned... Continue Reading →

Apache Zookeeper vs etcd3

I have previously written about Distributed Coordination giving an introductory idea on “what is distributed coordination” and “why do we need it?”. When it comes to the implementations of distributed coordination schemes, there are many outstanding systems like apache zookeeper, etcd, consul and hazlecast. Even though some of them are not directly distributed coordination systems,... Continue Reading →

Distributed Coordination

How many of you have heard about distributed coordination? I guess not many of you. But you may have heard about distributed computing. Well, distributed coordination is quite similar, but this is only used for coordination purposes. Suppose you have a cluster of nodes and want a convenient mean to communicate among them. Telling each... Continue Reading →

Apache Curator in 5 Minutes

First you should build the CuratorFramework instance as follows. Here, the connectStringmeans a comma separated list of ip and port combinations of the zookeeper servers in your ensemble. CuratorFrameworkFactory.Builder builder = CuratorFrameworkFactory.builder() .connectString(connectString) .retryPolicy(new ExponentialBackoffRetry(retryInitialWaitMs, maxRetryCount)) .connectionTimeoutMs(connectionTimeoutMs) .sessionTimeoutMs(sessionTimeoutMs); /* * If authorization information is available, those will be added to the client. NOTE: These auth... Continue Reading →

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